Supply Chain Management

The global marketplace is being driven by consumers demanding more flexibility, customized products, easier access to product information and faster deliveries. This complex and fast-changing environment puts new demands on supply chains, as organizations seek ways not just to manage the change, but also to use their supply chains as a source of competitive advantage.

Axidio provides the right mix of domain experience, technical expertise, and tools to ensure that supply chains reach their full potential, while reducing carbon footprint and minimizing costs. We design Supply Chain Management strategies that are comprehensive, connected, and create a seamless workflow starting from Demand Planning, to Procurement, to Production Planning and Scheduling, all the way to Inventory Optimization and Delivery Management.
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Supply chain as a service
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Supply chain Strategy & Analytics

Strategy & Analytics

Strategically build and manage an intelligent supply chain to enhance performance with the right data. We deliver a wide range of solutions that improve supply chain performance.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Benchmarking
  • Network Modelling
  • Strategy Development
  • Distribution Centre Automation Design
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Strategy & Design
Supply Chain Operations


We help organizations transform their supply chain operations. Instead of taking a rip-and-replace approach, we help redesign existing processes, structures, mindsets and capabilities. We ensure you capture the full potential of your supply chain and deliver exceptional customer value.

  • KPIs Design & Implementation
  • Scorecards Design & Implementation
  • Omnichannel Logistics
  • Inbound-Outbound-Returns
  • Route Optimization
  • Contract Management
  • Asset Utilization & Management
  • E-commerce Operations
  • Oder Processing and Fulfilment
  • Material Handling & Design
  • Shipping & Returns Management
  • Labor Standards
Supply Chain Technology


We implement digitization and automation strategies that are holistic and outcome-driven. By digitalizing your supply chain, we help you react quickly to disruptions and market changes.

  • Distribution Centre Automation Implementation
  • Dashboards Design & Implementation
  • Transportation Systems Deployment
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • AI & ML Implementation
  • WMS, WCS, LMS Systems Implementation
  • Big Data Solutions Implementation
  • Blockchain Solutions Deployment
  • IoT Solutions Deployment
Supply Chain Health Check as-a-Service

Axidio prides itself for over 500+ person years of supply chain experience complemented with incomparable technology and analysis capabilities. Our customers leverage this unique value proposition by subscribing to "Supply Chain Health Check as a Service". Here we offer a dedicated supply chain SME to keep tab of your organization's supply chain vitals, leveraging our proprietary "Retina" AI solution and aligning it to your organization's near-term and long-term business objectives. Below are some use cases that explain on how our customers tap into our years of rich supply chain industry experience and technology prowess and make it an integral part of their organization's success recipe.

Use Cases

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Traditional risk
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Improve your Outbound
Delivery efficiencies
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Is supply chain Network
your strength
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