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Experience Accelerated Digital Innovation

Digital has fundamentally changed our world. The customer journey now starts digitally. Technology changes are rapid. With a unique combination of business and technology experts, we help you identify and amplify your Digital Business Possibilities.

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Resilient Adaptive Supply Chain

How prepared are you to handle unexpected disruptions to your complex supply chains? With Axidio, gain the pole position versus your competitors to manage – and even leverage – disruptions.

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Challenge, Inspire, Coach, Lead

Axidio is a group of professionals who have done it for real. Our consultants are experienced senior level professionals who have worked with Fortune 100 companies. We put our experience to work for you – challenging, inspiring, coaching, and leading your team on the most complex transformation projects.

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Why Axidio

Digital creates unconventional competition, which demands unconventional responses. For example, businesses must alter their supply chains to compete effectively in the “Now” economy. Axidio consultants have worked in very senior positions of Fortune 100 companies and bring rich experience of “been there, seen that, fixed that” across many supply chains. Our team members jump start your journey and work with you over time to create desired outcomes.

Unlock value in supply chain processes and service operations through a transformational journey that identifies your critical path to value

Supply Chain Industry Expertise

Event Driven Modeling
Event Driven Modeling
Supply Chain Strategy
Supply Chain Strategy
Supply Chain Diagnostics
Supply Chain Diagnostics
Network Optimization
Network Optimization
Inventory Optimization
Inventory Optimization
Supply Chain Risk Management
Supply Chain Risk Management
Supply Chain Dashboard
Supply Chain Dashboard
Supply Chain Data Management
Supply Chain Data Management
Understanding how a business operates, what drives decisions, and what makes the industry unique really sets Axidio apart

Partnerships for Innovation

Axidio engages in research collaborations with leading industry-focused academicians. This partnership helps us to deliver impactful management and research insights, tools and advice. In our innovation labs, working with our academia experts, we investigate and improve complex supply chain processes that businesses implement to gain a competitive edge in the digital world.

Research Collaboration & Insights

Faculty / client collaboration on business modeling, process engineering, and strategic analysis for new markets, new products, and new channels.

Active Client Engagements

Interact with knowledgeable academicians through faculty led workshops, discussion groups, and interactive demonstrations on industry trends, challenges, and solutions.

Industry Events and Conference Participation

Gain access to industry thought leaders via conference attendance, webinar participation, and distance learning opportunities.

Axidio Innovation Lab provides a platform for the industry and academia to work together.

Practical approach to digital innovation

Making Digital Innovations Practical Through Our 4 Key Hubs

Making Digital Innovations Practical Through Our 4 Key Hubs

Transformation Hub
  • Industry Experts / Practitioners
  • Domain Consultants
  • Solution & Value Influencers
Business Hub
  • Industry Consortiums
  • Consultants
  • Influencer Marketing
Solutions Hub
  • Solution Creation
  • Product Extensions
  • Startup Integration
Innovation Hub
  • Research & Academia
  • Cognitive & AI Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Operational Technologists
Digital Innovation involves a combination of digital technologies to deliver new business models, services or products
Data Engineering & Visualization

Data is the new oil! Insights from data help you innovate and bring positive impact to your topline and bottom line. Start your journey to become data driven with the help of Axidio.

Many organizations are adopting big data technologies without a proper data strategy and architecture. In such situations a data lake quickly turns to be a data swamp.

Our data architects analyze your business goals and engineer models that organize your data to support the business objectives. The visual narratives created out of this organized data by our visualization engineers help faster and more accurate decision making.

Data Engineering & Visualization
Engage Customer

We help you create the best customer experience (CX) across the entire customer journey. We lay a premium on design and user focused strategy to render an engaging experience for your customers.

Embark Digital

A Digital Supply Network (DSN) helps the integration of data from various data sources to better inform production and distribution. Our unique approach hinges on the principle “think big, start small, scale fast” with every incremental step yielding measurable results like reduced operating costs, improved product quality etc.

Experience Certitude

We help you democratize analytics and decision making through digestible, easy-to-use, self-service dashboards. Data driven organizations experience certainty when analytics is at the heart of decision making at all levels of the organization hierarchy.

Explore Possibilities

Digital is about winning in the “Now” economy, constituted of digital natives craving for instant gratification and immediate satisfaction. Our “Innovation Hub” works as an extension of your business organization to help you explore new products and business models for new revenue generation or make positive bottom-line impact.



Handholding You on the Path to Digital Transformation

We help you formulate a strategy that leverages your company’s unique skills and resources that are your advantage. We help you formulate a digital strategy that reflects this, which when implemented puts you in a unique position that your competition cannot copy.

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Logistics 4.0

Make Shopping and Logistics Seamless

In a digital economy, connected consumers choose to buy from any channel they like, enjoy the product or return it via any channel of their preference if they don’t like it. Consumers do not “GO” shopping anymore, but “ARE” shopping at every moment and everywhere.

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Accelerated Incremental Approach

More than ever before, technology landscape is fast changing. We help you with the tools and methodologies to redesign strategies for agility, flexibility and innovation.

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