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Omnichannel Supply chain

The need to boost customer service levels has never been higher. The Amazon effect has driven customers to expect their purchase to reach them anytime and anywhere with a very short time between order and delivery. But there is no single approach that can be implemented by all retailers who are constantly troubled with decisions. When is it best to hold back stock for the e-commerce channel or send it to stores? How easy or hard is it to pull stock from the inventory of another channel?

Store and Omnichannel Operations services from Axidio help transform operations across delivery and fulfillment channels such as retail stores, e-commerce and emerging digital channels to become better prepared for both the predictable and dynamic needs of consumers.

Strategy & Analytics

Take a data-driven approach to ensure all your resources and channels operate in rhythm to create the perfect customer experience. We focus on inventory optimization, low-cost last-mile delivery, and retail store warehousing and fulfillment processes. Inventory optimization allows retailers to track and replenish stock, transfer stock between channels, and fulfill orders in the least costly way. Solutions include integrating IT systems, enhancing supply chain visibility, and merging warehouse and fulfillment operations.

  • Store Design
  • Market Intelligence
  • Benchmarking
  • Store Chains Optimization & Modeling
  • Store Strategy Development
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Store Automation Design


Build a multi-faceted yet coordinated effort to move products from end-to-end with the most efficiency. Meet customer expectations while optimizing both the shopping experience and the cost of providing that high-level experience.

  • Store and Labor Planning
  • Merchandise Handling & Presentation
  • Loss Prevention
  • Consumption & Footfall Insights
  • Labor Standards
  • Store Operations Analysis & Modeling


Maximize potential customer touchpoints and minimize tools needed in the backend. We improve omnichannel operations through incremental, data-driven changes to specific areas, such as Blockchain, IoT, Robotic Process Automation(RPA) and data analytics.

  • Store Technology Design & Deployment
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • AI & ML Implementation
  • LMS Systems Implementation
  • Big Data Solutions Implementation
  • Blockchain Solutions Deployment
  • IoT Solutions Deployment
  • Store Technology Issues Resolution
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Reverse Logistics
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