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Supply chain Services
Supply chains are the lifelines that carry billions of products to billions of people every day. But when disruption strikes, most supply chains fail to adapt. Supply chains today need to be resilient, transparent, intelligent and agile enough to cater to the needs of each consumer.

At Axidio, we harness data from multiple sources to assess the inefficiencies in the existing supply chain model and predict what will happen and when. We help overcome uncertainty by leveraging human ingenuity and AI for supply chain excellence. We take control of complexity by orchestrating our services, industry experience and our ecosystem partners to make a positive impact on our customers, businesses, and the planet.

Our services are based on excellence in Strategy and Analytics, Operations and Technology to accelerate time to value and makes a positive impact on our customers, businesses, and the planet.

Strategy & Analytics

Axidio experts understand what it takes to compete in an evolving business environment and are committed to helping clients achieve their goals. By bringing a practitioner perspective to the table along with data-driven insights, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the client organization in comparison to industry competitors. We work closely with industry partners to ensure that our product and service offerings support the achievement of core business objectives. We offer prebuilt dashboards with rich databases of KPIs, Scorecards and What-If Analyses that help to identify and mitigate business risk.

Supply chain Strategy & Analytics
Supply Chain Operations


Axidio offers a variety of solutions to help firms optimize retail store operations. And distribution centres. We ensure that our clients deliver an exceptional store experience by embracing technological change and delivering improved store efficiency through automation. Axidio’s warehouse optimization services help clients reduce cost and increase productivity.


We analyse our client’s business goals and engineer transformational roadmaps to achieve desired outcomes. We leverage Robotic Process Automation to help our clients increase efficiency and responsiveness to evolving business conditions. We also leverage blockchain technology to help trace the movement of goods and resources from origin to end customer.

Supply Chain Technology
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