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Unmatched Human Intelligence + Power of AI
Build Connected, Smart and Resilient Supply Chains.
retina and industry 4.0
Retina Product Datasheet

Retina is a cutting edge digital platform designed for supply chain excellence. It enables supply chain performance monitoring and management, predictive analytics, and enhanced data stewardship.

Retina applies AI to help organizations gain end-to-end supply chain visibility and leverage their current assets for better supply chain control. Retina assembles data from multiple sources and transforms raw data into real insights that lead to informed, data-driven decisions.


15 - 25% reduction in inventory carrying costs


45 - 75% reduction in admin costs

transportation & warehousing

5 - 15% reduction in transportation & warehousing costs .

sales and service

15 - 20% reduction in lost sales and service

RETINA AI Powered Supply chain Management Tool

Key Features

Information Hub

Integrates data from existing systems, cutting through enterprise data silos


Real-time monitoring of material movement, compliance reporting, employee health and safety monitoring and reporting health and safety


Unique AI-based bot

real-time metrics

Displays real-time metrics and repository of 200+ pre-built KPIs

Custom dashboards

User defined threshold-based alerts


News feeds, events, social interaction


Transparent collaboration with stakeholders


End-to-end supply chain visibility and control

Welcome to Supply Chain of the Future!

Watch this video to see Retina and Ria in action. Discover how we help supply chain professionals deliver end-to-end supply chain excellence.

Ria - AI Powered Digital Assistant

Meet Ria - Your AI Powered Digital Assistant!

Ria, Axidio’s AI bot, helps users navigate through and gain visibility of their end-to-end supply chain performance. Ria uses cognitive computing to optimize the combined efforts of artificial and human intelligence to improve supply chain automation, and helps distribution centre managers leverage data and analytics to build resilience, stay ahead of competition, recognize new opportunities and improve supply chain operations.

Ria, accessible via laptop and mobile devices help users to
  • Scour through volumes of data and transform them to meaningful actionable information
  • Display KPIs, Scorecards, Dashboards, custom threshold based alerts, command center boards etc.
  • Swiftly communicate with internal and external stakeholders
Food & Beverage
Clothing Retail & Rental
Apparel & High Fashion
Pet Supplies & Retail
Consumer Goods
Reverse Logistics

Retina – Use Cases

Retina Use Case 2
Supply chains today are increasingly interconnected, complex and global with many entities working in unison to source, convert and deliver products to customers. But most supply chains are not resilient and these disruptions negatively impact revenues, costs and customers.
retina and industry 4.0
Retina and Industry 4.0

Analytics help build a resilient supply chain that not only helps organizations respond swiftly and effectively to economic, technological and market disruptions, but also helps them gain a competitive advantage. Unmatched visibility and insights supplied by Retina help you make informed decisions and mitigate disruptions before they impact your ability to deliver business results.

Collecting and analyzing supply chain data is a time-consuming process requiring an internal analytics team, frequent audits, and lengthy projects.This problem is further compounded by the data silos that have been created by the multiple enterprise IT systems acquired over time.

Retina helps organizations respond faster to shifts in demand, and get real-time visibility to prevent shipment errors and damages that drive your customers away. Organizations can apply advanced analytics to every aspect of their supply chain to improve forecasts, demand planning, sourcing, production and distribution.

Retina Use Case 1
Retina Use Case 3
Sharing of data between multiple stakeholders along the supply chain while maintaining integrity and quality of that data is challenging. The right stakeholders do not get access to relevant information, and frequent delays in getting useful insights leads to unwanted disruptions.

Retina brings together people, processes and data across all supply chain functions for real-time collaboration. It allows all stakeholders to contribute to data and engage with data to improve supply chain processes and operations, while enabling a controlled and targeted use of data without exposing it to everyone.

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