Our AI-Powered Supply Chain Application

Retina is a cutting-edge digital application for retail and supply chain professionals. Powered by AI, Retina transforms raw data into consumable insights that lead to informed, data-driven decisions. This tool enables supply chain performance monitoring, management, predictive analytics, and improved data utilization.

RETINA AI Powered Supply chain Management Tool

Key Features

Information Hub

Integrates data from existing systems, cutting through enterprise data silos


Real-time monitoring of material movement, compliance reporting, employee health and safety monitoring and reporting health and safety


Unique AI-based bot

real-time metrics

Displays real-time metrics and repository of 200+ pre-built KPIs

Custom dashboards

User defined threshold-based alerts


News feeds, events, social interaction


Transparent collaboration with stakeholders


End-to-end supply chain visibility and control

Ria - AI Powered Digital Assistant

Meet Ria - Your AI Powered Digital Assistant!

Ria, Axidio's AI bot, provides users with live visibility into supply chain performance. Ria uses cognitive computing to optimize the combined efforts of artificial and human intelligence. The result? Improved data utilization and data-driven decision-making at scale.

Ria, accessible via laptop and mobile devices help users to
  • Scour through volumes of data and transform them to meaningful actionable information
  • Display KPIs, Scorecards, Dashboards, custom threshold based alerts, command center boards etc.
  • Swiftly communicate with internal and external stakeholders
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