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Today’s consumers are attracted to brands that align with their personal values. Nearly 50% of U.S. consumers now say that they are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce impact on the environment. The shift to being “eco-friendly” isn’t just a trend; the relationship between consumer values and brand purpose will continue to strengthen in the future

So, what are some actions that your firm can take to improve sustainability?
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Create an Eco-Friendly Company Culture

Creating an eco-friendly business not only benefits the environment; it lowers expenses, increases business efficiency and improves brand reputation. It is important to develop an eco-friendly culture by first educating employees about sustainability, followed by implementing clear steps to utilize eco-friendly business practices.

Adherence to Social and Environmental Standards

Many large corporations publicly pledge to Work only with suppliers that adhere to certain social and environmental standards. This is generally a phased approach, where large corporations require their first-tier suppliers to comply with certain standards, and those first-tier suppliers require compliance from their suppliers, etc. While this approach can be difficult to monitor due to the depth of many supply chains, it is critical to establish clear expectations and contractual obligations related to social and environmental standards.

Supply Chain Best Practices

When establishing long term sustainability goals, it is important to include both major suppliers as well as lower-tier suppliers in your overall sustainability strategy. Assign a dedicated person (or group of people) who are responsible for extending the sustainability program throughout the supply network (multi-tier engagement). Create awareness, ownership, and drive results.
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