Enabling Supply Chain Agility

Digital evolution has fundamentally changed our world. Consumer demand and market dynamics now change rapidly, as customers have grown to expect speed, personalization and connectivity. This evolution has put supply chain management in the limelight, as an efficient and agile supply chain is a major competitive advantage in today's market. Throughout 2023 we expect the following items to be of top priority for supply chain executives:
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we have witnessed the profound impact that technology can have on global industry. The rise of smartphones, GPS systems, cloud computing and e-commerce demonstrate how technology can present both a risk and an opportunity for players in the market. Emerging technology such as AI/ML, IoT and Cloud computing will continue to transform supply management.

Advanced Analytics

when operating in a complex environment, seemingly small decisions can lead to large unintended consequences. By leveraging advanced analytics, business leaders can make data driven decisions that reduce risk and lead to improved efficiency, productivity and financial performance.

Multi-Tier Supply Chain Visibility

Covid-19's global disruption to supply chains highlights the need for companies to proactively identify and mitigate risk. By having multi-tier visibility, businesses can establish effective business continuity plans to prevent major disruption and delay.


companies will continue to outsource manufacturing and related operations to focus on what is core to their business. Throughout 2023 we expect to see increased reliance on 3PLs and other externally provided services.


today’s consumers are attracted to brands that align with their personal values. Nearly 50% of U.S. consumers say that they are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce impact on the environment. In 2023 the shift towards sustainable products and sustainable operations will continue to accelerate.
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