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Partnerships for Innovation
Partnerships for Innovation

"Axidio innovation lab aims to develop innovative solutions for real world problems in conjunction with leading industry experts and academic luminaries in the supply chain domain."

Most of the times, solving a complex supply chain issue needs simulation and exploration using data models constructed from real life problems. This need to be accomplished by not hindering the business and by using pilot projects. Mentioned below are some examples of what is on our radar for such exploration.

  • Improving social and environment compliance using incentives.
  • Modeling for accomplishing perfect order fill rates, cutting down on mark-downs and stock-outs
  • Use case design and development for leveraging mobile technology platforms to help businesses explore new business opportunities
Event Driven Modeling

As the supply chains are becoming increasingly complex to cater to the "Now" customer, businesses invariably need to focus on making its end-to-end supply chain a more event driven / customer driven one to optimize cost and maximize profits.

The "connected" customer expects an ability to "order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere, and return to anywhere". To rise to this challenge, enterprises need to have an "always-on" platform that integrates multi-system, multi-vendor environment and orchestrates a "live supply chain" based on near real time events and activities.

Event Driven Modeling
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System and Process Improvement

Optimize customer fulfillment capability through various system and process improvements like:
1. DC-bypass for direct-to-consumer / store fulfillment using near real-time shipping info for pre-labelling, tender and scan pallets.
2. Item level traceability.
3. Cost-to-serve modeling at item, product, customer levels.

Supply Chain Modeling

Modeling supply chain to create a "instance state" representing the real time state of the supply chain at any given point in time. This helps the supply chain to react optimally to an unanticipated event. Axidio adopts a phased approach with milestones like below to achieve this end-state
1. Exception reporting to flag anomalies.
2. Effective inventory management.
3. Integration of data across systems for
enhanced supply chain visibility.

Network Optimization
Network Optimization

Businesses have realized that their supply chain need to be "dynamic" to respond to the changing business demands. A supply chain network optimization empowers companies to compare the current state of their supply chains to multiple "what-if" scenarios.
From our rich experience of implementing and managing supply chains for Fortune 500 companies, we find that the overall direction and costs of a supply chain may be determined by something that is completely overlooked by the enterprise. This typically gets uncovered when we conduct a supply chain network optimization analysis.

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Supply Chain Network Optimization

Our senior consultants bring rich industry experience and can help doing a thorough network analysis. We can also assist you as a long-term growth partner with scheduled interventions to ensure the network model remains up to date.

"What-If" scenario simulation

Axidio consultants can help run supply chain network scenario simulations to help businesses evaluate the impact of implementing changes. Organizations gain competitive advantage by evaluating and proactively implementing changes in response to dynamic business scenarios like new product introduction, changes in demand pattern, addition of new supply sources, changes in tax laws and so on.

Logistics 4.0

Often, poor data integration impedes knowledge development and supply chain efficiency. It is not a lack of data, but their presence in disparate data sources and formats that causes these challenges. In contrast, a digital supply network generates ready access to insightful, complete data for transformational decision-making. We believe that every organization should be able to leverage their current systems infrastructure and get onboard this journey.

Logistics 4.0
Logistics 4.0

As customer options for buying and returning good increase, the complexity of logistics also increases. Inventory held in stores, at fulfillment centers, and at vendor facilities should all be "available" to customer for purchase. Logical fulfillment node decisions must be driven by inventory availability and last mile delivery factors of distance, cost, and speed. With 65% of online consumers expecting next day fulfillment of orders placed before 5 PM and competitors like Amazon, and Alibaba pushing toward two-hour fulfillment, rapid customer fulfillment is required for survival.

Logistics 4.0 is made possible with a "thinking" supply chain with intelligent connected systems that talk to each other as well as the humans interacting with them to meet the demands of the "Now" economy. Our deep expertise in technology and business help you choose right technologies and formulate a platform strategy that helps you achieve a smart supply chain in incremental steps.

Top Supply Chain Technology Trends
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Innovation Lab

Cut down on the time taken for launch of any new digital service by leveraging our Innovation Lab. For example, a manufacturing organization wanting to create a new "services" business line leverages this remote lab to test out and soft launch a service for predictive maintenance of its products.

Product Design & Engineering

We believe success is built upon creating and sustaining a culture of "DesignOps". Through partnership our DesignOps culture will permeate your organization as we augment your product design and development capabilities. Axidio's DesignOps methodology shortens product development cycles and speeds time-to-market to keep you at a pace that outperforms competition.

Typical issues faced by organizations in Sales and Operations Planning are


Identify Data Sources Identify Data Sources

As the number of systems within an enterprise grows, so does data silos. We provide you a digital data strategy map to help to conquer these siloes of data spread across multiple systems and in multiple formats.


Consolidate Data Consolidate Data

An integral part of the data strategy is deciding how to consolidate, what to consolidate and the granularity to be maintained. We help you design business objectives driven data strategy.


Sustained Governance Sustained Governance

In a digital transformation journey, data governance is of great significance. We help you establish common governance process to ensure data quality as well as sustainability of the underlying business and technology processes.

Simple three step process by leveraging our proprietary framework and tools

Our Data Integration & Visualization Platform capitalizes your investment made into multiple IT systems. Efficient S&OP process must be a win-win proposition this way for both IT and business. As a business practitioner, we understand big data infrastructure need not be the ONLY solution to building your data management platform. It is componentized for easy tailoring based on your organization's data availability and growth, and hinges on the business imperatives of your organization.

our proprietary framework and tools