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Digital Transformation and Business Value


Digital transformation must start with identifying the right transformation strategy.

Though technology underpins all digital transformation, the focus of digital transformation should always be changing how business operates at every level to help achieve the organization’s objectives. It is important that the enterprise chooses technologies wisely to ensure they help harness and make sense of the vast amount of data available within and outside the organization and also leverage the connected world and mobile.

Why is it Imperative now ?


Now Now

Customer behaviors are changing in the instant gratification world. Businesses need to deliver “Now” to thrive in this changing world.


Personal Personal

Customers love the businesses that understand them and can deliver products and services that are personalized to meet their “specific” needs.


Control Control

Customer wants to stay in control of what is delivered to him / her.

The Approach

Digital transformation must start with identifying the right transformation strategy. Our practitioners stress the importance of scopes and objectives of the transformation strategy and keeps technology aside as only an enabler. Our rich experience in helping large organizations formulate these strategies tells us that it is the right implementation of business processes that ensures positive impact on organization’s success. Our proprietary technology-process mapping tools helps you drill down to L4 processes and map it all the way back to organizational strategy, thus helping the business come up with a fool-proof digital transformation strategy and implementation roadmap.

The Approach
Technology Transformation

Technology Transformation

Design Ops aims at reducing operational inefficiencies in the design workflow through process and technological advancements. The objective here is to get the design improvements to the users as quickly and with minimum friction. With Design Ops, design is shifting from being a specific practice to being a part of everyone's job. Product development takes a completely new avatar when this process changes are combined with DevOps. As anyone would guess, the fundamental driver for these two process change in any organization is its desire to get new products and product enhancements to the users. It rides on the Scrum philosophy of “Fail Fast and Learn Faster”.

Design 4.0 + Tech 4.0
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Axidio helps its customers be market disruptive by applying innovation in a faster and cost-effective manner. This could be via building innovation labs, digital factories, running ideathon / hackathon contests, nurturing MVP / POC, as needed by business.

Solution Design & Construction

We work with our customers to design and create custom solutions in cases where the business problem is a good fit for a solution based upon our existing solution frameworks. We leverage our proprietary prototype driven incremental delivery methodology.

Proof-of-Concept / Early MVP

Start solving the smaller problems while iteratively trying to solve for the larger problem. This approach works when organizations want to solve a business problem or want to look at a new product introduction.

Technology / Platform Selection

We help our customers on:
1. Mapping of processes and technology to meet business objectives.
2. Application selection, rationalization, ROI computation.
3. Floating of RFP, Evaluation of solution and vendors.
4. Implementation plan, milestone progress evaluation, program management.

Accelerated Transformation Methodology
Accelerated Transformation Methodology

More than ever before technology landscape is fast changing. We help you with the tools and methodologies to redesign strategies for agility, flexibility and innovation. For this, we first help you create a map breaking down IT processes and cast them back to Level 1 to Level 5 business processes. Then we identify the IT processes that support business lines which can be candidates for digital disruption, e.g. new product line or business model, and can be taken up for short iterations for Most Viable Product development. In this accelerated approach, organizations have the flexibility to launch multiple digital initiatives in parallel and converge down the line based on business-technology process transformation map.

Enterprise AI

Enterprises are fast recognizing the importance of integrating artificial intelligence into their enterprise business processes. All of these are happening with “People” at its centre.

Rather than technology centric questions like “What AI technologies should I use”, the CXOs need start working backwards from long term business goals and map it to L1 through L4 business processes, to arrive at the right Enterprise AI roadmap.

The most important factor in making this journey kick started and sustained over the long haul is availability of people with in-depth knowledge of the source systems and domain expertise. At Axidio, we recognize this and serve as a partner who coaches you with the right people, process and technology.

Enterprise AI
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Identify New Revenue Sources

For example in supply chain planning, we can build an “agent” that will continuously monitor and correct any “out-of-control” product lead times by pattern matching current and past data.

Improve Customer Service Levels

For any chosen product line or specific product, we build an “agent” that picks sales signals to predict accurate demand behavior and optimize inventory levels.

Internet of Things

With a connected product or service, you can cause a profound impact on how your business creates and captures value. Since business models are about value creation and capture, your model needs to focus on how you can create and capture value at an ecosystem level rather than the product level. In the traditional “disconnected” world, product vendors’ focus is on building a market awareness of their product and getting customers to buy it. In the new “Connected” world, product vendors continue to stay “connected” with the consumer even after the product purchase and gets signals of its usage, issues, enhancement needs etc. Based on product usage, the business can offer new services. These new services can be in the form of additional functionality, or related products and services.
As a partner, Axidio will help you assess how will your business model change and explore opportunities for introducing newer products and services leveraging the capabilities of the connected world.

Internet of Things
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Asset Tracking

Low cost sensors, RFID tags, global SIMs etc. tagged to a product, tote, vehicle etc. relays their real-time location information to a centralized dashboard helping the supply chain manager make informed decisions regarding inventory, delivery routing etc.

Fleet Management

In transportation management, for safety and compliance reasons, its essential to know where your vehicles are always. We help you combine your transportation system with publicly available data like weather, traffic congestion etc. and apply analytical algorithms to help you answer various “what-if” scenarios.

Environment Sensing

Sensors fitted to totes, crates etc. emit real time environmental data that can be captured on a simple mobile device owned by the truck driver if the goods are in transit or by the Warehouse or Store personnel if it is in storage. This helps the respective personnel to take corrective actions proactively and save millions of dollars.



Transparency, Traceability and Security

By 2025, the penetration rate of blockchain technology in functional areas such as retailing, and leasing, supply chain logistics, and smart manufacturing will hit a close to 40%. Blockchain technology can help companies trace a contaminated product or an expired drug all the way from the producer to the end consumer or store or restaurant and implement remedial actions quickly to avoid any undesired incidents.

master ledgers

Tamper proof “master ledgers” between trading parties.

Smart Contracts

“Smart Contracts” to ensure when new records are written, there are no out-of-balance conditions.

Single system of record

Single system of record replicated across all partners of a transaction for easy implementation of contract terms.

A supply chain’s efficiency lies on the “trust” between the stakeholders, and in this context Blockchain technology helps increase the traceability and reliability of the information along the chain.
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Improve Bottom-Line

In a supply chain, where terms are payable upon receipt, Blockchain’s smart contracts can cause a direct impact on the bottom-line. Using smart contracts, proof-of-delivery from logistics carrier can automatically trigger digital invoicing and payments via banking system. In addition to cutting down on any time delay between the customer and supplier, this helps to reduce working capital requirements and simplifies the finance operations, thus positively impacting the bottom-line of the organization.

Enhanced Transparency

Every step in a product’s journey starting from the producer to the end consumer can be documented, thus increasing trust and eliminating any bias. Manufacturers can then share the logs with OEMs and regulators to reduce recalls.